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Medical News Today: How to eat 1,200 calories a day

People can eat 1,200 calories a day to lose weight safely by adding more filling foods, such as protein rich foods, to their diet. Learn more about how to eat 1,200 calories a day and stay healthy here.

Medical News Today: What to know about condoms and allergies

Some people are allergic to latex or other elements of condoms. Learn more about the allergy symptoms that a person may experience after using condoms or similar products during sex.

Medical News Today: Is there a cure for hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a curable liver infection. With the appropriate treatment, it is possible to clear the virus within 12 weeks. Learn more here.

Medical News Today: What are the best prenatal vitamins to take?

Prenatal vitamins are important for the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as developing fetuses. Here, learn which prenatal vitamins to take and their benefits.

Medical News Today: How do superstitions affect our psychology and well-being?

This Friday the 13th, we take a look at the psychological mechanisms of superstitions and their effect on mental health and well-being.

Medical News Today: Calorie restriction plus exercise can make bones more fragile

New research in female mice reveals that exercising while on a low calorie diet can decrease quality and quantity of bone instead of increasing robustness.

Medical News Today: E-cigarette vapors, even without nicotine, may harm lungs

New research in mice finds that even nicotine free vaping may harm lung function by causing an abnormal buildup of lipids and harming immune cells.

Medical News Today: Why do female bonobos have more sex with each other than with males?

Female bonobos have frequent sexual interactions with other females — more so than they do with males. A new study aims to find out why.

Medical News Today: Fight-or-flight: Do our bones play a part?

A new study in humans and animals identifies the bone hormone osteocalcin as a crucial driver for the fight-or-flight survival response.

Medical News Today: Why do I fart so much?

Some farting is normal, but excessive gas can signal a food intolerance or digestive disorder. Dietary changes can help. Learn about causes and prevention here.

Medical News Today: What ways are there to measure body fat?

There are various ways to measure the percentage of body fat, and some are more high tech than others. In this article, we describe the range of methods, include those that a person can try at home.

Medical News Today: Cartilage piercing bumps: What to know

A bump may form after a person gets a cartilage piercing. In this article, learn about the causes, including scarring and infections, as well as how to treat them.

Medical News Today: What to know about leg cramps at night

Leg cramps at night, or nocturnal leg cramps, are often linked with overuse or underuse of the muscles, but medical conditions may also be the cause. Learn about causes and treatments here.

Medical News Today: What's the difference between the keto and Atkins diets?

The keto and Atkins diets are two low carbohydrate eating plans. People use them to lose weight and promote health. Learn more here.

Medical News Today: Best multivitamins for different men

There are many different versions of multivitamin and mineral supplements for men. We discuss the various types, who might benefit from taking multivitamins, and the risks.

Why do birds migrate at night?

Researchers found migratory birds maximize how much light they get from their environment, so they can migrate even at night. 

GymCam tracks exercises that wearable monitors can't

Wearable sensors such as smartwatches have become a popular motivational tool for fitness enthusiasts, but gadgets do not sense all exercises equally. Researchers have found that a stationary camera is a better choice for gym exercises.

Heterogeneity in the workplace: 'Diversity is very important to us -- but not in my team'

Diversity in the workplace is highly sought in theory, but often still lacking in practice. A new study shows that people tend to favor diversity for others, but prefer to work with people who are as similar to themselves as possible.

Medical News Today: Could gut microbes be the key to overcoming muscle loss in older age?

A new mouse study reveals that gut microbes can influence skeletal muscle mass and function and sheds light on some underlying mechanisms.

The 'pathobiome' -- a new understanding of disease

Scientists have presented a novel concept describing the complex microbial interactions that lead to disease in plants, animals and humans.


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