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A To-Do List for the First-Time Entrepreneur

Owning your own business takes hard work, determination, sacrifice, and a very clear understanding.

Entrepreneurship - News - Times Topics

News about entrepreneurship. Commentary and archival information about entrepreneurship from The New York Times.

Forbes Entrepreneurs

Forbes Entrepreneurs


International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship

Mashable Business

Mashable is the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology.

IBM Global Entrepreneur

With the world becoming more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, now is the time to use technology to address many of today's societal challenges.

Famous Entrepreneurs

From Benjamin Franklin to Ben & Jerry, William Penn to Bill Gates, Eli Whitney to Oprah Winfrey, famous entrepreneurs, both historical and contemporary, offer insight and inspiration through their stories.


SocialEarth is the leading source for news and information about social entrepreneurship.

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