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Scientists might have Found a Way to Produce a Universal Flu Vaccine

Influenza – a viral infection that many people think is barely different from the common cold – is

AbbVie and Eisai Announce Fully Human Anti-TNF-alpha Monoclonal Antibody HUMIRA

AbbVie, a research-based global biopharmaceutical company and Eisai Co., Ltd. announced that they have received approval for an

Engineers develop placenta-on-a-chip to study caffeine transport from mother to fetus

Engineers have used microfluidic technology to create a “placenta-on-a-chip” that models how compounds can be passed from a

Why Is Money Different in Every Country?

What is money? It depends on the country you live in, right? Americans call it Dollar, the Chinese

AI – Science Fiction to Science Fact

If you’re a science fiction fan, the idea of robots or computers being able to think for themselves

Pain, fatigue, poor sleep: common symptom triad at age 65+

In older people, symptoms of pain, depression and fatigue are commonplace. But how common? Researchers examined the prevalence

DTU boasts top-performing supercomputers

Over a five-year period, DTU will invest close to EUR 9.4 million (DKK 70 million) in upgrading and

The basic metals industry is one of the world’s largest industrial energy users

The industrial sector is the largest user of energy in the world, accounting for approximately 55% of world

Study: No race or gender bias seen in initial NIH grant reviews

Examinations of National Institutes of Health grants in the last 15 years have shown that white scientists are

Cell component breakdown suggests possible treatment for multiple neural disorders

UW-Madison research published reveals how one mutation causes fragile X, the most common inherited intellectual disability. “Fragile X

Why Shame Keeps Patients from Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

Patients diagnosed with an alcohol-related liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis may feel an unexpected complication: shame. That’s because friends, family members and

Some Primary Care Doctors Not Prepared to Help with Cancer Treatment Decisions

The idea of team-based cancer care most often focuses on involving primary care physicians in the care of cancer

Blue ‘blood’ gives residents innovative microsurgery training

The UW Department of Surgery is at the forefront of training residents in microsurgery, a surgical discipline that

Hospitals Send Some Patients Home With Risky Antibiotic Prescriptions

Even as hospitals try to cut back on prescribing fluoroquinolones — powerful but risky antibiotics — a new

Iowa study finds parents unsure how to handle cyberbullying

Parents know they need to work with their child’s school to prevent cyberbullying, but a new study from

Assessing riverside corridors — the ‘escape routes’ for animals under climate change — in the Northwest

Under climate change, plants and animals will shift their habitats to track the conditions they are adapted for.

Parents don’t pick favorites, at least if you’re a Magellanic penguin

Parenthood can be a struggle, particularly for families with multiple children in need of care, nurturing, protection and

Mongolian proto-thief dinosaur had egg-crushing jaws

Our understanding of dinosaurs is constantly changing. From centuries old views of slow, lumbering, lizards to a modern

Instructure to Acquire Portfolium

Technology News - Campus Technology: News - Wed, 02/20/2019 - 18:16
Instructure, maker of the Canvas learning management system, announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire e-portfolio and student success company Portfolium.


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