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Using ‘mooncrete’ for building blocks on the moon

Perhaps British science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke was onto something. In his Space Odyssey book series, he

Supernova observation first of its kind using NASA satellite

When NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite launched into space in April 2018, it did so with a specific

Cancer Device Created at Rutgers to See if Targeted Chemotherapy is Working

Rutgers researchers have created a device that can determine whether targeted chemotherapy drugs are working on individual cancer

Adults With HIV Who Have Compassionate Care Providers Start and Remain in Treatment Longer

Adults with HIV are more likely to continue life-saving treatments if their primary health care providers show respect,

Genetic study shows that anorexia nervosa is more than a psychiatric disorder

A new large-scale genome-wide association study published in Nature Genetics, has identified eight genetic variants significantly associated with

HIV Persists in Spinal Fluid, Linked to Cognition Problems

Even after nearly a decade of strict HIV treatment, cells sheltering the virus could be found in the

Taking Opioids for Chronic Pain May Make It Harder to Find Primary Care

Finding a new doctor for health checkups and primary care can pose a challenge to anyone. But for

“I’d rather have my root canal done” – this just doesn’t make sense anymore

“I’d rather have my root canal done” – that’s what some people say about particularly unpleasant experiences. This

At rest your brain is constanly pressing “Replay” button – it helps you deal with unfamiliar situations

Human brain is the most mysterious machine in nature. We hardly know anything about it. Scientists from UCL

Our platelet cells, which prevent us from bleeding all the time, evolved 300 million years ago

Everything in nature is interrelated. Evolution gave us incredible capabilities and pretty good bodies, but some features that

NASA is Building Robots That Can Climb Rock and Ice Cliffs

NASA has pioneered the development of all kinds of robots and robotic systems. Beyond its0 orbiters and satellites,

4 Technologies Improving Food Safety

Food safety is an increasingly prevalent concern for consumers. So many individuals are conscious of the food they’re

Want to Colonize Mars? Aerogel Could Help

Raising crops on Mars is far easier in science fiction than it will be in real life: The

A New Rare Metals Alloy Can Change Shape in the Magnetic Field

Scientists from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) with their colleagues developed multifunctional metal alloys that emit

Landmark Study Pinpoints the Cause of Coral Reef Decline

Coral reefs are widely considered to be the most endangered – and the most rapidly declining – ecosystems

Plants can help extract valuable metals from mining waste

Mining is very important for our entire civilization. We need metals in pretty much every single area of

NIH and partners to launch HIV vaccine efficacy trial in the Americas and Europe

The National Institutes of Health and partners today announced plans to conduct a Phase 3 HIV vaccine efficacy


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