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Real estate:

real estateReal estate is Property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources such as crops, minerals, or water, immovable property of this nature an interest vested in this, also an item of real property, more generally buildings or housing in general. Also, the business of real estate, the profession of buying, selling, or renting land, buildings, or housing.


lists artArt is a term that describes a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, but here refers to the visual arts, which cover the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and other visual media. Architecture is often incuded as one of the visual arts, though like the decorative arts, it creates objects where practical considerations of use are essential in a way that they are usually not for painting for example. Music, theatre, film, dance, and other performing arts, as well as literature, and other media such as interactive media are included in a broader definition of art or the arts


lists sportSport is all forms of competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical fitness and provide entertainment to participants.Hundreds of sports exist, from those requiring only two participants, through to those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, either in teams or competing as individuals.


lists leisureLeisure, or free time, is time spent away from business, work, and domestic chores. It is also the periods of time before or after necessary activities such as eating, sleeping and, where it is compulsory, education.
The distinction between leisure and unavoidable activities is loosely applied, i.e. people sometimes do work-oriented tasks for pleasure as well as for long-term utility. A distinction may also be drawn between free time and leisure.


lists educationIn its narrow, technical sense, education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another, e.g., instruction in schools.
A right to education has been created and recognized by some jurisdictions: Since 1952, Article 2 of the first Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights obliges all signatory parties to guarantee the right to education.


lists travelThe term "travel" originates from the Old French word travail. The term also covers all the activities performed during a travel.
Reasons for traveling include recreation, tourism or vacationing, research travel for the gathering of information, for holiday to visit people, volunteer travel for charity, migration to begin life somewhere else, religious pilgrimages  and mission trips, business travel, trade, commuting, and other reasons, such as to obtain health care or fleeing war or for the enjoyment of traveling. Travel may occur by human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling, or with vehicles, such as public transport, automobiles, trains and airplanes.


lists ecologyThe scientific discipline of ecology addresses the full scale of life, from tiny bacteria to processes that span the entire planet. 
Ecology is an interdisciplinary branch of biology, the study of life.Ecology is not synonymous with environment, environmentalism, natural history, or environmental science. It is closely related to physiology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and ethology. An understanding of how biodiversity affects ecological function is an important focus area in ecological studies. Ecologists seek to explain:


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